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Office Manager

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Rhonda moved with her husband to the tiny town of Cobble Hill, north of Vancouver. Two years of being so far away from family was long enough, so they moved back home to Southampton where she immediately began working at the Southampton Pet Hospital as a receptionist, as well as at the Owen Sound Women’s Shelter as a crisis counselor. Over the years Rhonda’s role at the Southampton Pet Hospital has also evolved to include Marketing, Human Resources and Bookkeeper duties. She feels that Southampton is a fantastic place to live and raise a family, and is truly honoured to work with a group of such caring and compassionate people who truly love what they do.

Rhonda is the proud Mom of four daughters – Gabrielle, Bronwyn, Charlotte and Josephine – all of whom were born within five years! She’s loving every minute of motherhood. Her four-legged family members include cats Dot and Smokey, Titan, a retired police dog (it’s very handy to have a drug sniffing dog with teenagers about!), and Koko and Rocket, her crested geckos. In her spare time, when she’s not running to basketball, singing lessons, hockey games, ski races, track meets, play practices, investigating universities and the grocery store – Rhonda enjoys playing hockey, walking, travelling, reading, singing acapella and running her seasonal cottage rental business.

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Photo of  Rhonda


Director of Administration

Many will recognize Janet at the reception desk as she has been with the Southampton Pet Hospital for 8 years now as their Director of Administration. She first became acquainted with the Southampton Pet Hospital as a pet owner. Her previous experience had been as an office manager but not in the veterinary field, and she has enjoyed the courses and conferences that she has attended. For Janet, it feels that everyone who comes through the door is a friend and she loves to visit with their pets. The Pet Hospital keeps her very busy with booking appointments, ordering supplies and sourcing new products for clients.

Janet’s pet family consists of “Honey” (Buns), who came to the Southampton Pet Hospital as a pregnant stray. She had 5 beautiful kittens who were eagerly adopted. Upon observing Honey it became very evident that she loved to be near dogs and Janet knew she was the cat for her! Honey has had her share of health issues, having been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and having a bout of pancreatitis. Janet is managing her condition well and she is a very happy tiny 6 pounder with lots of spunk.

Their second addition is a cat name “Walter Leroy”, whom Janet named after her father because she missed hearing his name. He was born at the clinic to a stray mom and resembled Honey’s litter and she knew right away she wanted to bring him home. He is a very curious cat and loves the water very much! Finally, they added “Louis” to their family. He is a Golden Retriever/Lab cross, black in colour. He is very snuggly (at 90lbs) and gentle with everyone. He loves dogs and children and his favourite past time is snuggling with Honey Buns curled under his chin. Louis follows Janet everywhere and Honey follows Louis. Walter is always busy doing his own thing!

Janet’s interests outside of work and in addition to her pets include theatre and singing. She has performed with the Kincardine Little Theatre in The Sound of Music as Frau Schmitt and a pantomine in “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Her passion for singing has found her as part of A Cappella, The Chantry Singers, The Chantry Centenairs (Swing Dance Band), Marion Rice and Friends (visiting the retirement and nursing homes once a month) and The Tolmie Presbyterian Church Choir, as well as previously with The Georgian Bay Concert Choir. The thought of Music Therapy is a path that Janet is very interested in and she would like to study the harp as well.

Janet has become a first time grandmother, which has been an absolutely thrilling experience. As she does not have any siblings and is the mother of two girls, this little boy fascinates her to no end and charms her completely. Janet is looking forward to continually serving and meeting our patients and their owners.

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Valerie started working as a receptionist at the Southampton Pet Hospital in February 2008. Her love of animals and a background in administration work make it the perfect position for her. Some of the most rewarding aspects of her job include talking to clients, meeting new clients and of course, getting to see all the new puppies and kittens. Valerie believes that you can’t ever have a bad day if you can snuggle with a puppy or kitten! 

Having grown up on a hobby farm full of animals, Valerie now shares her home with 2 wonderful dogs.  Oliver is her very playful 2 year old Maltese who loves playing fetch and will do almost any trick to get a treat or to have his toy thrown again and again. The newest addition to Valerie’s family is a 10 month old Great Dane named Riley, who somehow thinks of himself as a lap dog. He is more than happy to try to climb onto someone’s lap and sleep the day away. When not working or playing with her dogs, Valerie enjoys spending time out on her motorcycle just cruising around and enjoying life!

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May is a part time receptionist whose arrival at the clinic was truly serendipitous. One of her pups needed emergency medical attention and Dr. Berry was on call. During the visit, they were discussing May’s background as a receptionist at a clinic in Kitchener prior to moving to the area and from there she began her journey with the Southampton Pet Hospital.

May enjoys working at the clinic as it is always exciting and she’s constantly learning new things. She looks forward to talking to clients and sharing in the lives of their pets. She has quite a gang of loved ones herself – two sibling pups named Montie and Mollie, who are always getting into trouble, and three cats named Tony, Cleo and Sasha. She is so attached to her pets, that each of them has their own paw print tattooed on her back. In addition to her work at Southampton Pet Hospital, May also works for Community Living and Hampton Court. She enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to settling down in Port Elgin.

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Veterinary Technician

Cheryl was born and raised on a farm in Southwestern Ontario and knew from an early age that her future would involve caring for animals. She graduated from Centralia College in 1979 and began working as an Animal Health Technician. In 2002, Cheryl moved to Bruce County to start a cow-calf operation with her husband, Jack. She currently has a variety of pets including horses, cows, sheep, chickens, guinea hens, dogs and cats. Cheryl enjoys working in the animal health field, particularly the human-animal bond and how it affects her clients’ lives.

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Veterinary Technician

Kelly is a Registered Veterinary Technician at Southampton Pet Hospital. She graduated from Ridgetown college in 2003. Kelly grew up in St. Catherines and lived there most of her life before moving to the Southampton area about 4 years ago. Growing up, Kelly always had dogs and when she was 12 years old she started horseback riding, which became a lifelong passion for her. She always wanted to work with animals and that is why she became a technician. At the Pet Hospital you will usually find Kelly in surgery or doing something involving surgery. Her other main concentration in the hospital is chemotherapy treatments. 

When Kelly is not at the Pet Hospital, she spends a lot of time at the barn, where her horse, Flip lives. Flip is an American warm blood and is a very free spirited horse. He was a rescue and Kelly has been working with him for a long time. At the barn is where Kelly met her now fiance, Trevor. She and Trevor also like to spend time out fishing or riding 4 wheelers.

Trevor and Kelly have 2 dogs and a ferret at home. Babbs is an 8 year old min pin who loves to make her presence known. She will always greet you at our door bouncing and voicing her opinion. Missy is a 3 – 4 year old Blue Tick coon hound mix. She was a stray that came to the Southampton that Kelly just had to bring home. She is very shy but has really come out of her shell and has become a food hound and a couch potato. George is also a stray from the pet hospital that Kelly fell in love with and couldn’t resist bringing home. He is a white ferret and he is deaf but he is a lot of fun!

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Veterinary Technician

After graduating from Centralia College is 1994, Misty worked in a couple of mixed animal practices before coming to work at the Southampton Pet Hospital in 1999. She particularly enjoys assisting in surgery, monitoring patients post-op and giving nursing care to sick animals. Misty lives in Kemble with her husband and four boys where they have a cow-calf farm operation. Her boys also have a variety of other farm animals including chickens, ducks, goat and a couple of pot-bellied pigs. Misty’s dog Hunter is an Australian Cattle Dog mix who enjoys playing outdoors with the boys and “helping” on the farm. She also finds reptiles very interesting and has 2 leopard geckos and a turtle. She is currently working on a reptile course to further her knowledge in that area.

Photo of  Misty


Veterinary Technician

Shannon graduated from St. Lawrence College in Kingston where she took the 3 year veterinary technician course. She has worked in small and large animal practices and has also had the exciting and unique opportunity to work with monkeys for several years. Shannon started with Southampton Pet Hospital in 1993 after she and her husband moved back home to raise their family. Together they have 4 great children: Brannt, Colton, Mackenzie and Garrett. They are a very active family and enjoy many activities such as hockey, lacrosse, track and field, ball hockey, rugby and football.

Shannon and her family have 2 dogs, a dachshund named Katie and a Rottweiler named Thornton.  Katie has a tendency to tell her brother what he can and cannot do around the house – she doesn’t seem to be aware of just how small she is. Shannon enjoys working at Southampton Pet Hospital helping the patients and their owners, doing everything from annual check-up appointments to assisting with surgery.

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Kennel Staff/Veterinary Assistant

Amy’s position at the Southampton Pet Hospital is kennel staff and vet tech assistant. She decided to come to the Southampton Pet Hospital because Dr. Berry has been a part of her family’s life through their pets, and she’s known him since she was 5 years old. At 18, Amy decided to do her co-op placement here and after that she never really left. She is currently working on becoming a vet tech through schooling. Amy has always had a compassionate heart and a passion for animals ever since she was a little girl. She has also contemplated becoming a nurse because she loves helping people as well, but through taking care of people’s pets, Amy feels like she is taking care of people as well. Therefore this job is a win win for her!

Amy plans on completing her ambitions through a correspondence course from Thompson River University, which will be a 3 year program. Her work in the kennels is to take care of the strays and boarders and inform the vet or the vet tech of their needs. When she works at the front of the clinic – her favourite duty is assisting in surgery, as well as doing blood and fecal setups in the lab.

Amy’s family consists of her grandmother, and her 2 beautiful dogs, Beauty and Bentley, who are your typical Heinz 57’s. Beauty and Bentley are siblings who Amy has known since they were in their mother’s tummy. They just turned a year old in February and she considers them her children. Beauty is a fun, rambunctious, sassy girl and Bentley is calm, mature and loves to cuddle. Amy’s interests outside of work include being healthy and staying active through singing, acting, horseback riding, running, going to the gym and dancing.

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Sue began working as the dog groomer at the Southampton Pet Hospital in February 2005. After working in several different office jobs, Sue found that her true passion was working with animals. She enjoys going to work because each day is different and challenging. Sue lives with her three cats: Tommy and Hemi (AKA Bubba), both 5 years old; and 2 year old Violet. She also does dog walking and pet sitting and in her spare time, Sue enjoys camping, spending time at the cottage, reading, tennis or just getting together with friends and family.

Photo of  Sue