Cat Friendly Practice

Cat Friendly Practice is an initiative started by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) to elevate the standard of care for cats in veterinary clinics.  The program was launched after the Association noticed a major disparity between the number of cats owned as pets and visits to veterinarians, with the former greatly outweighing the latter.  This unfortunate reality is largely due to the fact that the experience of visiting a veterinarian is often stressful for both cats and their owners.  The Cat Friendly Practice initiative looks to change this.  Through the Cat Friendly Practice program clinics follow a set of guidelines that help shape already existing practices to create a welcoming, soothing and knowledgeable environment for both cats and their owners.  

We at the Southampton Pet Hospital have always believed strongly in the importance of routine medical visits for cats, with a soft spot in our hearts for our feline clients.  Although we already work to tailor our visits for the needs of our clients, we were very excited at this opportunity to solidify this work into a certification pet owners can identify and rely on.   

In April 2014, as a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners we received our certification as an official Cat Friendly Practice.  Our feline clients and their owners can now look forward to an even more welcoming environment as we constantly work to  improve the standard of care from our highly trained staff at our clinic.